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Partnership 2017 for the birds of French Polynesia

Partnership 2017 for the birds of French Polynesia

Partnership 2017

The 2017 call from the SOP Manu to the companies for the benefit of fenua birds.

The Ornithological Society of Polynesia “SOP Manu has been operating since 1990 for the protection of threatened birds of French Polynesia and their habitats.

We wish to associate you with our action through a long-term partnership with your company and to contribute with you to the protection of the environment and the preservation of the unique natural heritage of French Polynesia.

The Manu association has been recognized in the public interest since 1999, enabling companies to deduct from their taxable profits the totality of their donations (Article LP 113-4 of the Tax Code), up to a maximum of 3 per 1,000 annual sales.

We undertake to provide you with all necessary documents for the deduction of taxes.

Join the companies of the fenua who trust us and support us.



Robert LUTA, President


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What is MANU?

  • MANU is the local representative of BirdLife International, a world federation of bird conservation associations
  • MANU is a member of Te Ora Naho, the local Federation of Environmental Protection Associations
  • MANU is recognised as being of general interest by the Government of French Polynesia (decree n°1023/CM dated  July 21st, 1999 )
  • MANU is certified under Article L. 621-1 of the Environmental Code within the  territorial framework of French Polynesia (decree n° 1011/DRCL dated June 20th, 2003 )

Our purposes?

  • to protect Polynesian birds and their habitats
  • to contribute to the studies on Polynesian birds in their natural environment
  • to promote public awareness and to circulate information concerning the conservation , the monitoring and the study of Polynesian birds.

Our means?

  • engaging with international scientific organizations
  • concluding study agreements and establishing data banks
  • planning and attending awareness-raising and information events
  • producing publications and giving conferences