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Resist the call of the cute

Gygis blanche (juvénile)red©Lucie Faulquier
Resist the call of the cute By Shaun Hurrell, 6 Feb 2017   What should you do when you see a baby bird on the ground? It is hard to resist the urge to rescue. Often people intervene when in fact most chicks should be left alone. Alone, helpless, small, cold, clumsy and fluffy…   […]
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IBAs 2016 in Danger

You’ve heard of many of the world’s critically endangered species. The Important Bird & Biodiversity Areas (IBAs) in Danger are the world’s critically endangered sites. By Shaun Hurrell, Zoltan Waliczky, Tue, 16/02/2016   How do you effectively conserve the world’s birds and other
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