Home Best wishes from SOP for 2017 !

Best wishes from SOP for 2017 !

Best wishes from SOP for 2017 !

The SOP, Ornithology Society of Polynesia, wishes all its members and sympathizers, to the official or private partners who support it, to the sponsors of birds of Tahiti, Niau, Rangiroa and Fatu Hiva.

Best wishes also to all the Polynesians!

All together let us protect the fragile and precious birds of this beautiful country!


But let’s find on the greeting card some of the activities (among many others) conducted by the SOP in 2016! What wonderful memories!


In the center :

One of the many groups of volunteers who fight invasive plants in the valleys of the Tahiti Monarch.


Top, left to right :

. Juvenile release of Tropical Shearwater by a young volunteer. This species, like Tahiti Petrel, is disturbed by human activities, particularly lights at night.

. Welcome to the delegation ASBO (Association for the Safeguarding of the Biodiversity of Ouvéa) coming from New Caledonia, by David Beaune, new director of the SOP. They came to Polynesia, to meet Ua Huka’s association fighting to protect Lori ultramarin i.e. pihiti.

. Thomas Ghestemme giving explanations at a dedicated seminar, on invasive species and their dangers for avifauna.

. Charles Williams, a New Zealand artist who came as part of the Ono’u 2016 Festival, making a gigantic murals on the Tahiti Monarch (visible at Fare Ute, courtyard of the Yune Tung store).


Below, from left to right :

. The fetish couple of Tahiti Monarch of the Papehue, Tuki and Moerani, both banded for a long time.

. Restoration session of the Papehue valley by planting local species after the campaigns against Miconia (Robert Luta and Pasquelin Usang).

. Robert Luta (President of the SOP) and Arthur Matohi, field technician, in the forest at Fatu Hiva (or Iva).

. The last ring of Fatu Hiva, a monarque sub adult, hope of the species!