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Author: Vilina, Yerko A.
Year: 1992
Title: Status of Peruvian Diving Petrel, Pelecanoides garnotii on Chanaral Island, Chile
Journal: Colonial Waterbirds
Volume: 15
Issue: 1
Pages: 137-139

Abstract: The Peruvian Diving Petrel, Pelecanoides garnotii is an endemic seabird of the Humboldt Current. A drastic population decline and loss of breeding sites has been observed in recent decades. In Peru, the breeding population was estimated recently at 1,500 individuals in Chile, the current status is unknown. The present study renders an account of the breeding colony at Chanaral Island, the largest one known in Chile. Low numbers of sightings of these divers in the sea adjacent to the island were also reported from transect counts.