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TI : Extinct and endangered (‘E&E’) birds: a proposed list for collection catalogue.
AU : Adams, M. P., Cooper, J.-H., Collar, N. J. (2003).
SO : Bull. B.O.C. 123A: 338-354.
ABSTRACT : Specimens of extinct and endangered (“E&E”) birds are often, and rightly, the subject of elevated curatorial vigilance and care, and the publication of museum holdings of such species is regarded as a valuable contribution to conservation information. However, the definition of E&E species has varied over time has in part been a matter of curatorial discretion. Using the species listed in Birdlife International’s (2000) Threatened birds of the world, but setting filters to eliminate species whose population levels are likely to remain high, we derive a list of 481 species (129 extinct, 352 extant) which we propose as core to any E&E list; local, national, regional or taxonomic interests might prompt individual museums to include other taxa in their ‘E&E’ lists.