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The bibliographic data bank of the Polynesian Society of Ornithology holds more than 400 references. You can find books, publications, articles and study reports. Our documents are mainly related to French Polynesian and Pacific birds. However, other referenced documents concern also conservation issues of bird species.

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Birds of Eastern Polynesia

Jean-Claude Thibault & Alice Cibois
Look inside : http://www.lynxeds.com/product/birds-eastern-polynesia
ID: MON0035 – ISBN-13: 978-84-16728-05-3
Language: English
Format: 23 x 16 cm, Hardback – Pages: 440
Publication date: July 2017
142 distribution maps, c.200 colour illustrations and c.70 figures.

The book treats all of the 241 species, including extinct birds, ever recorded on the Line Islands, the Cook, Austral, Society, Marquesas, Tuamotu and Gambier archipelagos, the Pitcairn Group, and the Eastern Is.Group. Their distribution over the 151 islands of the region is detailed in 142 maps. The species accounts include systematics, a detailed morphometric or genetic analysis when it is available, and data on distribution, population size and trends, habitat and breeding. All species recorded in Eastern Polynesia are illustrated in colour, except those only known by bone records.
Birds of Eastern Polynesia” represents an original and much needed ornithological synthesis of all the available literature on Eastern Polynesian birds, including many difficult-to-find reports, as well as unpublished data gathered from local ornithologists and biologists. It also contains new data collected by the authors during numerous fieldtrips in Eastern Polynesia and during visits to museum collections. This work presents a complete overview of this vast oceanic region for anyone with an interest in the biology, biogeography and conservation of the birds of the Pacific islands.

Handbook of the Birds of the World

The Handbook of the Birds of the World covers in detail and illustrate every species of bird in the world. This task has taken from 1992, with the publication of Volume 1, to 2011 with the publication of Volume 16, covering the last families of birds. However, a number of species genuinely new to science have been described since the publication of their respective volumes, and therefore are not featured in the 16 volumes of HBW. The Special Volume covers and illustrates all of these species, 69, with texts, plates and distribution maps in the classic HBW format.
The Special Volume includes a comprehensive, global index to the collection, a useful tool which will enable users swiftly to find the species they are searching for in the more than 12,500 pages of the 16 volumes. An unexpected addition to this volume is a section including the original scientific descriptions of 15 species, all totally new to science.

MANU, les oiseaux de Polynésie
P. Fontaine, O. et J. Fossati, V. Mu-Liepman, P. Raust et Y. Vernaudon.
Collection Survol, Au vent des îles éditions (seconde édition, 2000)
ISBN : 2-909790-06-1
format : 130 x 200 mm – couverture : reliée – souple
nombre de pages : 64 – 91 illustrations en couleurs

Une centaine d’espèces d’oiseaux, dont certaines uniques au monde, peuplent les atolls et îles de Polynésie française. Cet ouvrage permet de toutes les reconnaître au premier coup d’œil grâce à ses illustrations abondantes et précises.