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Author: Holyoak, David T.; Thibault, Jean-Claude
Year: 1977
Title: Notes on the phylogeny, distribution and ecology of frugivorous pigeons in Polynesia
Journal: Emu
Volume: 78
Issue: 4
Pages: 201-206

Abstract: Phylogenetic relations in the genera Ptilinopus and Ducula in the central Pacific are discussed. Within these genera the species in eastern Polynesia replace each other geogrphically. Two pairs of species co-exist on some islands farther west, although in Fidji the members of each species-pair tend to be separated on large and small islands. The forms living on small islands rarely if ever co-exist with predatory hawks, unlike those forms on the larger Fijian islands. These patterns of distribution are discussed with reference to both the possible role of predatory hawks and the possible role of interspecific competition. Competition from fruit bats Pteropus sp. (Chiroptera) may have influenced the evolution of size in Ducula pacifica and its allies.