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Author: Rowe, Stella; Empson, Raewyn
Year: 1996
Title: Observation on the breeding behaviour of the Tanga’eo or Mangaia Kingfisher (Halcyon tuta ruficollaris)
Journal: Notornis
Volume: 43
Pages: 43-48
Keywords: breeding behaviour;Tanga’eo;Mangaia Kingfisher;Halcyon tuta ruficollaris

Abstract: The breeding behaviour of Tanga’eo or Mangaia Kingfisher (Halcyon tuta ruficollaris) on the island of Mangaia in the Cook Island was investigated in 1992. Calls and breeding behaviour are descibed from a study of pairs and trios. At least six calls were distinguished. Clutch size appeared to be two eggs for pairs and three eggs for trios. Incubation time was between 21 and 23 days, while the fledging period was estimated at approximately 26 days. Both birds of a pair and all members of a trio excavated nest holes, incubated, brooded and fed the chicks. In trios with two laes, both males courtship fed and copulated with the female, suggesting a polyandrous relationship. The breeding behaviour and relationship of trios, and the effects of Mynas on breeding success warrant further investigation.