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Author: Steadman, David W.
Year: 1989
Title: A new species of starling (Sturnidae, Aplonis) from an archaeological site on Huahine, Society Islands
Journal: Notornis
Volume: 36
Pages: 161-169
Keywords: new species; starling; Sturnidae; Aplonis; Huahine; Society Islands

Abstract: A new species of extinct starling, Aplonis diluvialis, is described from the Fa’ahia Archeological Site bon Huahine, Society Islands, French Polynesia. Aplonis diluvialis was larger than any Indo-Pacific congeners except A.artrisfusca of Samoa. The only other Eastern Polynesian islands where starlings have been recorded with certainty are Rarotonga (A.cinerascens) and Mauke (A. mavornata). In pre-human times, however, species of Aplonis may have occured through much of Eastern Polynesia.