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Author: Thibault, Jean-Claude; Monnet, Claude
Year: 1990
Title: Le Zostérops à poitrine grise Zosterops lateralis (Latham) en Polynésie un oiseau introduit devenu colonisateur actif
Journal: L’oiseau et la Revue française d’ornithologie
Volume: 60
Issue: 3
Pages: 233-240
Keywords: zostérops; Polynésie, colonisation

Abstract: A summary of the presence of the grey-backed Silvereye (Zosterops lateralis) in Polynesia was performed more than 50 years after its introduction. Released in Tahiti around 1937, it has since colonized 10 islands located within a radius of 550 kms. It is likely that in a long term it would spread even more. Its colonization of volcanic islands is a success to a point that it is one of the rare species of contemporary avifauna in Polynesia to live in most wooded areas. On the other hand, it is absent on the atolls where vegetation is probably too scattered.