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Author: Villard, Pascal; Visscher (de), Marie-Noëlle; Balanca, Gilles
Year: 2003
Title: Population size, habitats and conservation of Marquesan Imperial Pigeon Ducula galeata
Journal: Bird Conservation International
Volume: 13
Issue: 3
Pages: 189-197

Abstract: Marquesan Imperial Pigeon Ducula galeata only survives on Nuku Hiva island in the Marquesas archipelago. It lives and nests mainly in small patches of forest with tall trees, in deep valleys. The population is likely to consist of only 80-150 birds. However, its forest habitat is in peril due to overgrazing, especially by goats, which precludes growth of young trees. Better control of feral herbivores should be a priority for the conservation of the species, as well as the cessation of poaching of this endangered pigeon. Introduced black rats Rattus rattus do not seem to be a threat for this bird.