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Author: Walters, Michael
Year: 1991
Title: Prosobonia ellisi, an extinct species of sandpiper from Moorea, Society Islands
Journal: Bollettino di Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali Torino
Volume: 9
Pages: 217-226
Keywords: Prosobonia ellisi; extinct species; sandpiper; Moorea; Society Islands

Abstract: Two species of sandpipers of the genus Prosobonia have been described from the Society Islands, P. leucoptera, named by Gmelin in 1789 based on an English description by Latham, and P. ellisi described by Sharpe in 1906. Both forms are now extinct. The second species has generally been considered a synonym of P. leucoptera. This paper examines the surviving remains (one skin of P. leucoptera and several paintings, which are here reproduced) and concludes that P. ellisi (of which no specimens survive) was a valid species.