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Author: Zusi, R. L.; Jehl, J. R, Jr.
Year: 1970
Title: The systematic relationships of Aechmorhynchus, Prosobonia and Phegornis (Charadriiformes; Charadrii)
Journal: Auk
Volume: 87
Pages: 760-780

Abstract: The systematic positions of three little-known shorebirds-Phegornis mitchellii, Prosobonia leucoptera, and Aechmorhynchus cancellatus-are evaluated from comparative studies of osteology, myology, and plumage pattrens of adults and chicks. Phegornis belongs in the Charadriinae of the Charadriidae. We regard Aechmorhynchus as congeneric with Prosobonia, constituting a tribe, Prosoboniini, in the subfamily Tringinae of the Scolopacidae. The reconstituted genus Prosobonia thus contains the species cancellatus and leucoptera. The Prosoboniini are most closely related to the Tringini.