• L'equipe en mission aux Acteon-Gambier
Update from the field: expedition Acteon Gambier

Expedition to save Critically Endangered Polynesian Ground-dove on track to be a

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  • gallicolombe-tuamotu
Tuamotu Ground-dove is angry

Doves are an international symbol of peace. How could the Tuamotu Dove be

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  • Red footed booby
Plastic Free July 2015 in Tahiti ?

Plastic Free July aims to raise awareness of the amount of single-use disposable plastic in our lives and challenges people to do something about

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  • GreenDays-2015
Green days 2015

At the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands, 3 to 6 June 2015, are the Green Days! On this occasion, the School 2 + 2 = 4 will have a stand on

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Bulletin Te Manu 83

Te Manu n°83

83 ème édition du bulletin de la Société d’Ornithologie de

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Bulletin 84

Te Manu n°84

Le dernier Te Manu de 2014 tenait à rendre hommage à Georges Sanford, notre président d’honneur qui nous a quittés fin décembre.

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Tahiti Monarch

The Tahiti Monarch (Pomarea nigra), endemic to Tahiti, is listed as critically endangered. In 1998, there were only 12 birds left on the island.
As of now, the count is up to 53 adult and sub-adults birds, including 19 pairs which were breeding in 2014-2015. (Video Alain Petit)

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Fatu Hiva Monarch
Monarque de Fatu Hiva

The Fatu Hiva Monarch (Pomarea whitneyi) is endemic to the island of Fatu Hiva in the Marquesas and is listed as critically endangered (CR). Recent surveys counted less than 50 monarchs remaining on the island! (Photo Thomas Ghestemme)

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Tahiti Petrel
Pétrel de Tahiti
In 2012, the Ministry of Environment (DIREN) implemented a study and preservation program concerning the Tahiti Petrel Carried out as part of the « French Strategy for Biodiversity », this project focuses on the conservation of the natural habitats provided by the Temehani plateaus on Raiatea island. (Photo Thierry Zysman)

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Biosecuring Rimatara
  • Kuhl’s Lorikeet
  • Rimatara Reed-warbler

Rimatara is the last black rat free island in the Australes archipelago.

The colonisation of black rats on this island would lead to the certain death of the only French Polynesian population of ‘Ura , or Kuhl’s Lorikeet. It would also affect the ‘Oromao, or Rimatara Reed-warbler which is endemic to Rimatara.

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Biosecuring Ua Huka
  • ultramarin Lorikeet
  • Iphis Monach

Ua Huka is the last of the inhabited islands in the Marquesas archipelago still free of black rats. The introduction of the black rat would mean the end of two endemic birds: the Pihiti or ultramarin Lorikeet and the Pati’oti’o or Iphis Monach.

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Awareness and Training
Sensibilisation et formation

Within its possibilities, the association organises and takes part in various awareness-raising events , communicates with local media (radio, television), runs projects with schools and coordinates field trips (bird-watching, audio recording, photoshooting…)

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Inventory Field work
Missions d’inventaire
Manu conducts several ecological assessments throughout the french polynesian islands, from logistics to fieldwork.

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Seabirds Rescue
Relaché d'un pétrel
The Seabirds rescue program, run by the association MANU, consists in communication and awareness-building initiatives as well as the coordination of a volunteer rescuer network. Seabirds in distress are taken in and nursed until they can be set free again. We are mostly dealing with grounded Petrels and Puffins lured by the city lights. Photo Jean Kape.

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Injured bird

  • Avoid handling unnecessarily for not stressing or damaging its feathers;
  • Place it in a quiet cardboard, protected from predators, heat and light;
  • Do not feed it;
  • Call as soon as possible the association Manu (+689) or (+689) or contact-us by email. We will try to organize its recovery. If no one answers, leave your name and telephone number on our answering machine and we will re-contact you ASAP.


Aigrette sacrée
Aigrette sacréeOiseaux terrestres à large distributionRead more
Astrild ondulé
Astrild onduléOiseaux introduitsRead more
Bécasseau sanderlingOiseaux migrateurs, Oiseaux terrestres à large distributionRead more
Bulbul à ventre rouge
Bulbul à ventre rougeEspèces envahissantes, Oiseaux introduitsRead more
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